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Here’s a Time Sensitive Message that can help you...

  • Invest with confidence in property in today’s overheated market
  • Break free from the daily grind and secure your financial future
  • Create financial freedom and abundance in your life and stop struggling
  • Spend more time doing what you love and less time working
  • Stop avoiding the nice things in life that are currently outside your means
  • Fire your boss if you want - and live life on your own terms
  • Help people who are drowning in debt and struggling financially

But you need to hurry to secure your place as seating is strictly limited by venue capacity to 250* seats maximum.

From the Desk of Stuart Zadel (CEO Zadel Property Education)

If you like the idea of creating financial freedom, accumulating wealth in property and protecting your assets... then this page aims to show you how... no matter what your current financial situation.

I’m Stuart Zadel – CEO of Zadel Property Education. Our mission is to inspire people like you to have greater financial awareness and freedom. We do this by giving you FREE access to some of the top Australian wealth creation specialists available today.

Dominique Grubisa is one of these Elite Professionals who has the power to help you snap up highly lucrative deals in property (targeting houses at up to 40% below market value) and to help you protect your assets and minimise your risk at the same time.

This is a unique opportunity to change your financial life.

You need to hurry to secure your place as seating is limited.

Few people - if any - have the legal, entrepreneurial and property experience Dominique has. In fact, it’s not uncommon to spend over $500 an hour for access to someone of Dominique’s calibre.

Keep Reading If You’re Fed Up
With Any Of The Following:

  • Fed up with Working like a dog and never tasting the good life you always dreamed of
  • Fed up with Not getting enough vacation time to see those places you always wanted  
  • Fed up with Passing up on the restaurants, clothes and activities you’d like to be doing because of lack of money or free time
  • Fed up with Not having the kind of freedom and long term security you would like to see in your life for yourself and your family

FACT: Unfortunately... if you don’t take action to change your circumstances... you will continue to face these same problems and they will likely become worse over time.

“In times of change the learners will inherit the Earth,
while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

A Little About Me And How I Can Help You Succeed...

Money or lack of it, used to be a major challenge in my life. After years of struggle I came to realise something very important... something that turned my life upside down... in a good way.

I realised that getting the right information was a major component to accumulating wealth and securing my financial future... but not just any information.

Only the highest quality teachings from experts who have achieved the same goals you are after... will allow you to succeed... at last.

Dominique Grubisa is one of these experts.

I can honestly say... missing out on her unique and cutting edge strategies for wealth generation in property could be a huge mistake... especially in today’s economic climate...

Read on to find out why...

But Stuart – Isn’t This Just Another Property Investment Seminar?

Absolutely not!

Dominique’s INSIDER INFORMATION for building wealth through property investment and protecting it are unlike anything you’re likely to have seen before.

Here’s Why Dominique’s Strategies For Wealth Creation And Protection Are So Unique And Powerful For Today’s Australian Property Market...

With Dominique’s strategies you have a chance to create financial freedom through property investment:

  • Without being crippled by the fear of losing money and dealing with negatively geared investments...
  • Without having to wait for capital growth...
  • Without stressing out 24/7 about falling house prices...
  • Without having to wait years for a profit. In fact, you can aim to make a decent capital gain almost instantly on your next investment...

Dominique reduced a regular Aussie's monthly debt from around $20,000 per month to a mere $642 per month... on NATIONAL TV! (you'll get to see this video when you attend the event)

Check Out These Results From Some Of Dominique's Recent Graduates...

Ray from Sydney spent most of his career as a bricklayer, up until meeting Dominique... Since attending her Workshop, Ray snagged this investment property valued at $510,000, for only $315,000.

For Ray, the instant $195,000 equity and 38% discount sure beats laying bricks for a living!

Wayne from Perth was working in the printing business for years before attending Dominique's Workshop. After applying her strategies and coaching, he managed to pick up this modest little property for $233,000 - despite having a market value of $350,000.

That's a discount of 33% and instant equity of $117,000!

Let me lay it out for you...

Most Property Investment Advice These Days Can Leave You Dead Broke And Struggling.... Here’s Why...

Many people are teaching a buy and hold strategy in property investment these days... where you invest and make money at the end of the deal!!

This strategy may pay off but it’s a risky path to take in my opinion.

....Ask yourself this… What if the bubble bursts (it has before) and your property investment venture leaves you struggling in debt?

How will you cope financially and look after your loved ones?

And that’s just for starters!!

When you buy property through conventional investment strategies there is another BIG PROBLEM...

…In most cases you have to shell out cash just to hang on to your property.

This is bad news as you become...

“Asset Rich And Cash Poor”

This can leave you:

  • Struggling to make ends meet
  • Putting off the nice things in life you want
  • Watching every penny and making sure you have enough money to keep your investment property

YOU MUST Discover How To Pick Up Property Below Market Value... And How To Protect Your Assets In Today’s Economic Climate... Here’s Why...

Property prices could drop very soon... The market would then be awash with people looking to sell quickly... and you will be in an ideal position to take advantage of these new market conditions with Dominique’s unique investment strategy for identifying property below market value.

Let me explain...

“Australia's residential property market is headed for its worst year since the global financial crisis as growing economic uncertainty deters buyers.” (2)

Prime Minister at the time Kevin Rudd introduced a surge of cash into the economy and the natural Australian love for property combined with negative gearing saved us from the worst of it.

But a financial storm is still coming our way!!

Recent Comments From Economic Experts Are Very Worrying...

According to, “Australia is at risk of experiencing a delayed global financial crisis (GFC) effect, which would result in great stresses being put on the financial system(3)

Domain, a trusted commentator on the Australian economy says...

"Australia's residential property market is headed for its worst year since the global financial crisis as growing economic uncertainty deters buyers." (2)

Here’s why...

  • Our property market is rising at a rate of 15% which is worryingly fast (3)
  • Interest rates are at record low levels
  • Sydney dwelling prices, for example, are around 50 per cent higher than prices in New York, despite New York being home to more accumulated wealth than anywhere in the world
  • Banks are facing massive losses in the event of a property slump (1)
  • House prices are outstripping income (4)

What Just Some Prominent Commentators Are Saying About The Future Of House Prices In Australia

SMART PROPERTY INVESTMENT(6) refers to SQM Research, saying...

SQM Research’s new Distressed Properties Report 2014 revealed that 11,437 properties are selling under distress. This represents 3.3% of total current listings, or stock on market.

Why Don’t More People Know About All This??

CEO of NMD Data(5) (National mortgage & deceased estate data provider), John Kovacs reported that a lack of national housing data in this area makes it hard to track.

According to SMH (5), the ABS says it doesn't compile figures on repossessions nor does private real estate data group RP Data.

Here’s the good news...

Just spending time with Dominique will reveal insights into how you can pick up properties at up 40% below market value... and valuable tips to protect your property and assets so you don’t lose them.

You will discover that it’s possible to:

  • Find these distressed properties and profit from them
  • Help struggling homeowners whilst securing a share of the profit from the sale
  • Buy and sell in the same market, meaning all this economic uncertainty and housing market fear wouldn’t even impact you
  • Hang on to your wealth and property no matter what and keep it in your family for generations to come

Here’s why I think you should LISTEN TO EVERY WORD Dominique has to say on wealth creation and Asset protection in property...

  • Dominique is a highly skilled debt and commercial law specialist
  • Dominique reduced a regular Aussie's monthly debt from around $20,000 per month to a mere $642 per month... on NATIONAL TV!
  • She has a masters of law and 20 years experience dealing with debt and property investment
  • She has practiced as a barrister and solicitor and worked directly with creditors and debtors
  • She has appeared on multiple Australian media channels including “Today Tonight, “The Circle” and “Prime News”
  • She has authored 2 books: “How To Manage Your Debt” and “How To Take Control Of Your Divorce”
  • She is a dominating force as a public educator on distressed property and asset protection

7 More Undeniable Reasons Why You Must Know How To Acquire Distressed Properties At Under Market Value To Succeed In Property...

  • The threat of falling property prices make buying below market value a must
  • You avoid having to wait for capital growth
  • You stop stressing about falling house prices
  • You can make capital gain almost instantly
  • You can fire your boss over time (if you like)
  • Get more free time to spend as you wish
  • You can create profit doing something you love

Here’s what Dominique will share with you for FREE that can change your life...

1) Key Insights Into How To Pick Up Property
At Up To

Here is what you will discover...

  • Ideas to secure properties up to 40% below market value...
  • Proven ways to secure great deals with potentially none of your own money...
  • Why Dominique believes the current market is so great for buying distressed real estate right now and why you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t get an insight into these strategies for free…
  • Why this concept can be so much more lucrative than traditional passive property investment...
  • A professional insight into the typical profit margins you can aim to make...
  • The demystifying truth about creating win/win deals that have a great result...
  • The differences between mortgagee repossessions and foreclosures…
  • Competitive edge tips for gaining an unfair advantage on the rest of the market...
  • How to potentially replace part or all of your income with just one of Dominique’s strategies...
  • How you can turn a hobby and helping people into a full-time career in property investment...
  • How you can avoid some of the most common errors first-time investors make that leave them broke and wishing they never entered the property market…
  • The life-changing secret of achieving all of the above with an ethical and morally sound approach...
  • And much, much, more...

2) Master Wealth Control
(Dominique’s unique asset protection strategies)

How You Can Minimise Your Risk In Every Deal
And Protect Your Assets

You will get invaluable insights into how you can protect your wealth and assets and reduce the risk on any venture with Dominique’s Master Wealth Control.

No other property education company covers this crucial part of the business in exactly the same way Dominique does!

Here is just some of what Dominique will be showing you on how to reduce your risk in any property venture and protect your assets!!

  • That you can virtually bullet proof your assets to minimise the risk of anyone taking them from you...
  • Why most Australians take an unnecessary huge financial risk when investing - you can avoid this...
  • A simple asset protection policy that will protect your legacy for years to come...
  • How to get your finances back on track and under control - no matter what state they are in right now...
  • Why Dominique believes current conditions make it a necessity to protect your assets and why you will be taking a massive risk not attending to this area...
  • The quickest and easiest way to minimise risk when you are making financial investments...
  • The truth about what makes people successful in this business. You won’t read this in a success or investment book but it’s common to all successful people and you can easily learn it - starting right away...
  • The critical importance of having an experienced legal and financial team at your side to avoid financial pain...
  • Insights into her single most powerful strategy for protecting your wealth and assets...
  • If you want to safeguard your assets, your family and your legacy... then don’t miss this crucial piece of advice...
  • Breakthrough Insights into the economy and how global forces can impact you...
  • Legal aspects of buying property that so many regular investors aren’t aware of... and end up broke and holding the bag when things go wrong...

Feedback from some of the many clients who have seen Dominique speak LIVE...

But Stuart: I have very little or no experience in property investment - will these strategies work for me?

These strategies are designed so even complete newbie’s can make them work if they apply themselves. So Yes! They can work no matter what your experience level.

But Stuart: Are these strategies unique to Australia? I’m not interested in what is happening in other countries!!

Absolutely Yes - these strategies are specially designed for the Australian market.

They are NOT generic global property investment tactics.

But Stuart: I have some experience in buying property: Will I learn anything new here?

Short answer YES!! If you have not heard of Dominique’s strategies before I can promise you they are unique and not widely known. I believe you'll be glad you came.

But Stuart: Are you going to “hard sell” me something at the event??

Absolutely NOT!! There will be an opportunity to train further with Dominique if you wish at her 3 day Real Estate Rescue Workshop, for an additional fee... But it’s entirely up to you. Some people are happy just to get the FREE info and aim to make money with it.

The Last Seminar You Will Ever Need On Property Investment For A Long Time...?

It’s quite possible this is the last seminar you will ever need to attend on how to generate wealth and freedom through property investment.

Dominique’s strategy of acquiring distressed property at up to 40% below market value and her powerful tactics for protecting your wealth and independence in today’s economy are in my opinion - second to none.

The chances are you will not need to acquire any more knowledge to make money in property investment for years.

Imagine What Life Could Be Like For You After Specialist Training With Dominique...

  • You no longer deprive yourself of life’s luxuries
  • That new pool, new car, and holiday are affordable all of sudden
  • Nice clothes, sporting events and fancy restaurants are affordable
  • You can get the latest Apple anything
  • You spend more time doing what you love in life
  • You have more time to spend with your family and you’re able to look after them and leave them a legacy they will remember you by – for generations to come
  • You don’t have to worry about a housing market collapse putting your mortgage under water
  • You can sleep easy knowing your property and wealth is protected from the ‘hurricane’ coming
  • You can access support and guidance from one of Australia’s leading Debt & Legal Specialists and her team...

You Cannot Get This Life Changing Information Anywhere Else!!

Dominique’s strategies for picking up property up to 40% below market value are completely unique and have been developed over years of research and experience. As is her knowledge on how to protect your wealth once you make it.

You cannot get her experience and strategies elsewhere and even if you spent days and months researching how to pick up property at up to 40% below market value... how would you even know if these strategies were correct?

You now have an opportunity to access an insight into these strategies and choose to use them to create the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss This...

You’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this FREE seminar!!

You will miss out on invaluable strategies for picking up property at up to 40% below market value and amazing strategies for protecting your wealth you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Don’t let that happen.

Why are you getting this golden investment wisdom for free?

As CEO of Zadel Property Education, part of my mission in life is to spread the word about what I believe to be the very best strategies for creating wealth through property investment. Dominique’s strategies could be the ticket that creates the wealth and freedom in the life you are looking for.

But wait - there’s more:

If you decide to attend one of Dominique’s LIVE events you will also get a brand-new physical copy of my Third Edition "The New Way to Make Money in Property Fast!" Book.

This book features two dedicated chapters on Dominique's Distressed Property Strategy and her Advanced Asset Protection Strategy, so will serve as an excellent take-home gift...

Plus, as a special BONUS, you'll also receive physical copies of Dominique's two books.

  • "How To Manage Your Debt - The Keys To Staying Alive, Trading Through Debt And Coming Out The Other Side"
  • "How To Take Control Of Your Divorce - The Keys To Negotiating A Fair Outcome For You And Your Children".

You need to act now!! Here’s why

Our venues have strictly limited capacity so once we are full, we are full. Don't leave your success to chance, get educated and claim your free tickets below now...

You’ve got an important decision to make!!

You’re at a crossroads now and you have 3 options....

Option 1 here is to do nothing - but if you do nothing, nothing will likely change. Your current financial situation will stay the same. If you are just about getting by right now or struggling - you will likely continue to do so.

Option 2 here is to go it alone. As you know already though... Most traditional methods of property investment have inherent problems like waiting a long time to turn a profit or taking on high risk as you hope for the market to rise. You could also try to get your hands on Dominique’s information yourself but it’s simply not available anywhere else.

Option 3 here is to make a complete no-brainer decision to come along and get access to FREE information that could get the ball rolling on setting you free financially and help you to lock down and secure your wealth.

So what are you waiting for...??

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Sat 5th & Sun 6th Sept

Bayview Eden
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Sat 10th & Sun 11th Oct

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Sat 4th & Sun 5th June 2016

Adelaide Convention Centre,
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